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Luton Cotsides

*Ajustable Length.

*Adjustable Width.

*Chrome Plated Finish.

*Locks in Postion.

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If you are a registered charity, are chronically sick or disabled or the products are being purchased on behalf of an individual who is chronically sick or disabled, you do not have to pay the VAT on this product.

1219mm (48”) to 1880mm (74”)

A telescopic bed rail with easy adjustment which allows the cotsides to fit single or double beds.

The spring release allows the side rails to be lowered to the bedside.

Care must be taken when using cotsides to ensure that the users head or any other part of the body cannot become trapped either between the rails and the mattress or other parts of the bed.

For added safety a mesh fabric sleeve is available. Mesh Sleeve: MFS60.

Suitable for hospital metal beds except profiling or adjustable beds.